Hi there,

Firstly, if you are here it means that you have started a path towards one of the most special days in your life so….. CONGRATULATIONS!

My name is Amy, a makeup artist and hair stylist for over 10 years in the bridal industry. This is your special day and I will be there to make sure you are as beautiful as you always dreamt you would be. I can suggest, I will recommend, but this is your day and my profession is to match appearance to vision.

From my experience, this day might be stressful, but with the right people and the right professionals by your side it will be a calm and peaceful day and I will be there to assure that.

When the time comes, you exit the room and meet all your loved ones and all eyes on you! If they see you and not makeup and hair it means that I did my job and succeeded emphasizing your natural beauty.